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About the Sanctuary

A place where it could be. 

The happiness of our animals is the goal we are reaching together.

What We Do

We provide a loving and permanent home to animals that have been rejected or are in danger. Our animals come from the meat industry and reproduction farms or have been abandoned and left to fend for themselves.

 We are happy to welcome them and offer them a safe haven, a place where it could be, a place where love IS the key.


Who We Are

The Sanctuary was born in January 2023. 

The Association was founded by Asaf Avidan and Caterina Rinaldi, sharing the dream to create a place where animals can have a forever happy home.

Join the Cause

Be an active part of the Sanctuary, help us take care of the animals, acquire more land and save more animals.

You will receive unique updates, a Different Pulses Sanctuary Family Virtual Kit, and a personal letter of thanks from Asaf and Caterina

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