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Born as Lente van Hoeve, Althea was destined to be a reproduction mare for the rest of her fertile life. This means having pregnancy after pregnancy over 15-30 years. She arrived at the Sanctuary in January 2023 to live a quiet, fulfilled life.

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About Althea

Althea is only 2 years old. She had a perfect life so far as she used to live on a breeding farm, and being too young, she was not yet used for reproduction. By adopting her, we made sure she will never be, and she will be able to live her life to the fullest 🐴🌳🐮


She stands at 1.62 m but still growing. Her coat is white and black, quite beautiful! Although it attracts more flies and insects, she needs more care in the summer months.

When she finally arrived at the sanctuary, she was quite calm, and we thought she must have been trained rather well for her age. After a few days, we realised a tranquiliser was probably given to her as she started developing aggressive behaviours. With time, love, liberty, training and respect, she is now the most adorable, and her care has become fun. 

We understood that her training in the facility must have been quite aggressive, hence her behaviour. When we started, we realised she was highly intelligent and playful, so she needed a respectful hand to show her how to approach humans.

Unique trait: If you give her a treat, she won't stop following you everywhere you go ❤️

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