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She was born as Rosette sometime in 2009. Artemis was destined for the slaughterhouse, she was saved very young and stayed with her owner until she could not keep her anymore. And that was when we met her!

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About Artemis

Artemis has unknown origins, an unknown birth date, unknown breed. We know she is the sweetest horse, mothering and moderating the herd 🐴🌳🐮

She stands 1.70m, and her coat is bay with one white sock. She has a few other white spots on her body, a star on her head, and some old wounds which, with time, became white. 

Returning to her story, she finally found a home after an early life of struggles, which sadly was not forever. One month before us, she was sold to a family which deemed her a "mad horse" and wanted to return her. When we heard the story, we welcomed her to our Sanctuary. She is the perfect companion horse from the start.

Unique trait: she smiles a lot, and the first thing she does when she gets into a new field is roll ❤️

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