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Born as Nana 25, Asteria was destined to be a piece of meat. We saved her just a few days before her trip to the abattoir. She arrived safely at the Sanctuary in May 2024, where she will live a quiet, long, loving, fulfilled life.

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About Asteria

Asteria is only 1 year old, she is a draft horse, and she was raised for meat. When we received the request for help. We could not say no when we realized how young she was, and saw pictures of her beautiful sweet eyes  🐴🌳🐮


She stands at 1.45 m for now but still growing. Her coat is bay roan, but this also might change in the future. 

She arrived at the Sanctuary after a long journey. They told us she was unapproachable and did not like humans. We gave her space and respect at first. After a few hours from her arrival, she already let us touch her and cuddle her. The day after we introduced Althea, and they fell madly in love. While we are continuing her training, harness and cleaning of the hooves, she keeps on showing us how intelligent and kind she is. We are so lucky to have her in our Sanctuary 🌱

Unique trait: Asteria loves butt scratches! When you start, she just stops and won't move until you stop ❤️

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