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Atardecer II

He was born in the South of Spain on the 12 of February 2013. Atar was found by Asaf in a breeder's facility. He was constrained into a box, already indelibly marked with an unhealing wound, to symbolise some kind of "quality". 

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About Atar

Atar, the Spanish horse, stands at 1.68m and has a beautiful grey coat with, sadly, a distinctive unhealing mark on his left back leg 🐴🌳🐮


At the age of 10, Atar has a unique combination of amazing characteristics. He is kind-hearted yet dominant, often displaying a gluttonous nature. Despite his occasional indulgence, Atar remains calm and exhibits incredible intelligence. He is in perfect health, and we hope we will care for him for many years.


Atar has been with Asaf since the tender age of 3. He holds a special place within the association, serving as the character who binds the herd together. As the first rescue of the Different Pulses Sanctuary, Atar's presence represents the spirit of unity and profound respect within the association.

Unique trait: he LOVES sweet treats. He goes literally crazy when he has some 😋

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