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Her first name was a number, the number of her rescue file.

When she was found with Cassiopea, she was little more than a few days old. 

About Calliope

If you compressed sweetness and cuteness in a 10kg dog, you would have Calliope. 

She has been with us since she was 2 months old, and she never left her mama's side 🐴🌳🐮


Calliope is also small-sized; she weighs only 10 kg, her coat is white and beige, with a few spots on her back, and sometimes she looks like a baby deer. She had some shepherd dog in her, and every time we go on a walk or we sat somewhere, she would sit a bit apart, checking the surroundings for possible danger and making sure the herd (us) is safe. She also recently became vegan!

She loves treats, and her favourite trick is to spin while standing on two legs!

Unique trait: She is very shy at first, but once you have her trust, there is no going back. You are part of the pack ❤️

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