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She was born as Pasqua, meaning Easter in Italian. Cassiopea was found in an abandoned barn around Easter 2019. She was underweight, full of ticks and fleas and with 3 newborn babies, and sadly 3 dead ones.

About Cassiopea

Cassiopea is the first dog resident of the Sanctuary. She is 5 years old, and she is the mama of Calliope. We have had her since she was 1 yo, and she is the sweetest Disney-like dog existing.



Cassi is small-sized, she weighs only 12 kg, her coat is white, brown and black, with beautiful sparkly hazel eyes. Until 2022 she suffered from a liver malformation due to the starvation she endured as a stray puppy dog. It made her dizzy, and every meal would act like food poisoning for her. In October 2022, she had an operation to fix the issue and she is perfectly healthy now. Recently she became vegan!

Her favourite human is Asaf, and he likes to bring her and Calliope on tour with him so that they don't miss a moment together. Both Cassi and Calliope love touring!

Unique trait: Always be careful, she is the sweetest but she likes to go on adventures by herself. If you are not careful, she will show you her Houdini tricks ❤️

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