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Freya comes from the same farm as Kléo. Also, was destined for the slaughterhouse. Her original name was Hirondelle, and she is fairly big for a donkey. This is why she would have been sent to be killed earlier than Kléo, but luckily we managed to put our love in the way.

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About Freya

Freya is a gracious female donkey. She stands at 1.45m and has a beautiful brown coat with marked stripes on her neck and legs and beautiful fluffy ears 🐴🌳🐮


She is 3 years old and arrived at the Sanctuary on the 12th of September (2023). We are slowly trying to win her trust and love, but her past of mistreatment is very strong, even more so than in Kléo. 


Meanwhile, she is thriving within the herd! When she arrived, she was very skinny and shy, but by now, she gets along with everybody, Kléo is definitely her best friend and her health is much improved 🌱

Unique trait: the FLUFFY  ears, we can't wait to get her trust and give her hours of scratching 🧡

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