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Born as Jacquotte, Kléo was saved from a farm of mistreatment and suffering. She got to the farm one day before leaving for an auction fair, where she would have been sold for meat.

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About Kléo

Kléo is only 5 years old but already had a hard life of suffering and mistrust, treated like nothing more than an object. Until she found her home at the sanctuary 🐴🌳🐮


She stands 1.40m, and her coat is pangaré grey. This means her snout, legs, and belly are white, while the rest is dark grey. 

When she finally arrived at the sanctuary, we couldn't approach her. Later, the transporter told us that the farmer had left her in a trailer the whole night before they arrived without water or food; he beat her to make her come out and in again into the following trailer.
This small story says a lot about the treatment she must have endured previously.

With time she learned to trust us. Now we can pet, brush, and put the lead on her.
There is still work to do, but we are so happy her suffering is finished.

Unique trait: She loves ear scratches. Once you start, she will immediately fall in love with you ❤️

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